Major Projects

Department of Home Science
Principal Investigator Title Funding Agency period
DR.(Mrs.) Chandravenkatasubramanian Product Development of AmlaIEmblica Officinalis and Jamun(syzygiumcumini) fruit and clinical assessment of seed power on selected conditions UGC 3 Years
1-7-2011 to 1-7-2014

Department Of Zoology
Principal Investigator Title Funding Agency period
Dr. Malathi.E Health Assessment of Adyar Estuary using beuthic Macro fauna UGC Rs.1,20,000/- 2010-2012 18 months
Dr. Sendhilvadivu Impact of Vitamin E supplementation of male albino rats after inducing prolonged cigarette smoking leading to oxidative stress & muscle atrophy UGC Rs.11,29,300 2009-2012

Department Of Chemistry
Principal Investigator Title Agency Year of Sanctioned
Dr.R.Girija Syntheses and Biological students of some substituted acridine diones UGC 1,85,000 2011 (MRP-3788/11)
Dr.S. Aruna Syntheses and photocyclizanof triazoto thiones. UGC 1,90,000 2011 (MRP-3789/11)
Dr. A. Vijayalakshmi Studies on cellulose acetate poly carbonate blend ultra filtration membrane preparation, characterication  and application UGC 1,75,000 2012

Department of Botany
Principal Investigator Title Funding Agency period
Dr. T.V. Poonguzhali
Associate professor,
Department of Botany.
Anti oxidant and hepato protective potential of Ecbolium, virede, Justicia, gendarussa burn. UGC.Rs. 5,75,000/- 3 Years 2012-2015