Orientation Programme

The IQAC cell organized an Orientation Programme for the freshers of Queen Mary’s College on 6th July 2018. The programme was conducted with an intent to welcome the newly admitted undergraduates and orient them to the academic culture of the college and motivate them to do their best. The IQAC co-ordinator Dr. C. Kalaivani Ashok, welcomed the newcomers to knowledge that would enrich and empower them and experiences that would build and remodel them. The Principal, Dr. S. Santhi, in her presidential address greeted the students into the Queen Marian family and encouraged them to be responsible, achieve and excel in their chosen course of study. Inorder to give the students the necessary thrust to achieve and excel, Mrs. UshaRamakrishnan, Director, Global Adjustments, delivered a power packed motivational talk titled SELFIE- Self Image Enhancement. She won the total attention and participation of the student crowd as they “Ayed”and “booed” to her lead words and suggestions. Amidst their excitement and enjoyment she tactfully drove home the ABCD to Self- Image Enhancement- i.e., A- having an amazing attitude; B- acquiring a brilliant degree; C- setting a clear path to achieve one’s goals and D- distancing oneself from Distractions such as mobile, TV, internet, boy friends etc.,At the end of the talk, students were so thoroughly motivated and charged that they queued up in large numbers to express their take home message from the talk. It was more than evident from their feedback that they were ready to drop their inhibitions, adopt an attitude of self- believe and aspire for constant improvement and great achievement.