Cooperative stores
When staff and students spend so much of a day in college, they are sure to need all kinds of things both related to their work and otherwise. The Queen Mary's College Staff and Students' Cooperative Stores, situated in a spacious room in the heart of the campus fulfils this need. The Store shelves are laden with a wide variety of items ranging from books and stationary to soaps, mugs and even headache balm. Many of the text books that are prescribed universally like the Environmental Studies and Soft Skill books are made available through the Stores at highly subsidized rates. Every student is made a member of the Cooperative Stores at the time of joining itself by paying a token membership fee of Rs 11.
In keeping with the festive seasons, clothing and accessories are made specially available. The Store is a favourite haunt of students who, tired out, want to take a quick snack between classes.

Recently, Identity Cards were made available through the Store to the students of 1st year as well others who needed it. Pest Controlling is regularly being done to ensure a hygienic environment. The accounts of the Stores are audited annually.

In any business, profit is of course of concern. But with the Cooperative Stores of the QMC, the priority is more on supplying our girls with their needs at the rates they'll find the most economical.
Presently the Store’s is run with the following staff :
Principal QMC – President
Dr Varalakshmi Anandkumar
Associate Professor in French, QMC- Vice President
Dr S.Kalavathy
Associate Professor of Sociology , QMC, Treasurer