Centenary Celebration

The flora of Queen Mary’s College, is one of its distinctive features and it was given the recognition it deserves through a Centenary Nature Walk in the college on 14th August 2014. Around 8 am in the morning all participants gathered in the college campus for the nature walk. Dr. A. Thilagavathy, Associate Professor, Department of Botany headed the walk by sharing valuable information about all the species of plants and trees on campus. Each participant was given a route map. There were around 150 participants including the College Principal Dr.R. Akthar Begum, staff members, students and alumni. Soon after the walk there was also a power point presentation by Dr.A.Thilagavathy about the species of plants and trees on campus. The unique flora of Queen Mary’s College is well document in a recent publication by Dr. Thilagavathy titled Flora of Queen Mary’s College. The book which is a pictorial guide to the wild and cultivated plants species of Queen Mary’s College was released by the Honorable Minister for Higher Education Mr.P.Palaniappan. Apart from being of interest to botanists and naturalists, the book is a ready reckoner on the plant diversity on the college campus.