Computer Literacy Programme

Today’s world is nothing without computers. Computer has started slowly penetrating into our day to day activities. In order to literate all students, the state government has initiated the ‘COMPUTER LITERACY PROGRAMME’ to develop the computer skills of students for their employability.

Even though the programme course is optional, all the non-computer science students join this ‘COMPUTER LITERACY PROGRAMME’ course willingly with enthusiasm. All the first year students of our college are taught regularly, so that they could acquire computer skills. The examination of this programme is conducted at the end of the year. The qualified students are issued certificates by DCE (Directorate of Collegiate Education), Tamil Nadu, state government. Question Papers are issued by DCE office.

The students can register the certificate of ‘COMPUTER LITERACY PROGRAMME’ in Employment Exchange as an added skill for employability.

Nearly 1500 students benefit every year, so that even the economically weaker can afford computer education, which is the objective behind this ‘COMPUTER LITERACY PROGRAMME.

The programme will help learner in acquiring basic information and skills related to MS-Office, Internet, Web technologies and trouble shooting.


Computer Literacy Programme was initiated by government of Tamil Nadu in all Government colleges to enrich all undergraduate non-computer science students. This course provides the required knowledge to the students and for their upliftments in computer literacy. This course has been conducted for students from all disciplines excepting Computer Science and Computer Applications. An examination is conducted by the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Chennai. At the end of the course certificate is issued to the students.

Right now, there are around 1500 students from 22 departments on roll and classes are held from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm on all college working days. The department of Computer Applications is monitoring and managing the conduct of the programme, Dr. P. Bagyalakshmi M.C.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Assistant professor and head of Department of Computer Applications, acting as course co-ordinator for CLP, Dr. J. Jacinth Salome M.C.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Assistant professor, Department of Computer Applications, acting as Computer Literacy Programme Incharge.

Course Curriculum

The students are trained on the basic of computing, number systems, hardware/software, Windows, Linux, MS-office, internet technologies, basics of simple C language, HTML and Networking concepts. ICT tools are used in the practical session of all the CLP students. A common examination (theory) is conducted for the CLP students, at the end of the course. Based on their performance, a certificate is issued form the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai which is of great potential to them during their placement opportunities, also makes their lifetime beneficial of the certificate is accepted by employment exchange, also they can be an self-employed by this course.

Benefits of Computer Literacy Programme

  • The Computer Literacy Programme is being conducted for non-computer science students.
  • The students are being trained on the state-of-art technologies both theoretically and practically.
  • The orientation of the training is towards job fetching in the IT market with renowned skills in recent developments.