Entrepreneurship Development Cell

The Economic Development of a country is supported by entrepreneurship in many ways. It is a key contributor to innovativeness and employment creation. Queen Mary’s College has established a full-fledged Entrepreneurship Development Cell in the year 2014 under the headship of the Principal and with the Department of Commerce as coordinators. The Department of Commerce conducts various awareness programmes such as Seminars, Workshops, Industrial Visits, Food Fest, Bazaar and Interaction with young Entrepreneurs etc. Every year the ED Cell organises ED Bazaar. Stalls of the bazaar are mostly occupied by the women entrepreneurs. Even our students, the young budding Entrepreneurs are allowed to take part in the bazaar. Students submit reports on their budget forecast and the profit earned by them. Eminent persons from industry (entrepreneurs), financial institutions (Banks), and academicians are invited to interact with our students and to empower the knowledge in the concerned fields that will enrich them as to how to start their own business and the procedures to be adopted to market their products profitably.