Staff & Old Students Association (QMC-SOSA)

Queen Mary's College, which is on the threshold of its 108th Year (2022), has the rare privilege of having distinguished alumni. On account of being a forerunner in women's education, it has among its alumni women who have held high office and others who have made a significant contribution towards transforming the college that had witnessed 2 World wars, a Tsunami and a threat of being converted into a Secretariat. A college is built of bricks and stones, but the soul is created by the thousands of students from severely challenged backgrounds who have found their footing in life, thanks to that paper called a degree, and have emerged as empowered women. It was in these premises that a great many IAS officers, pilots, film stars and musicians took timid steps towards adulthood. Every inch of growth was by the combined efforts of teachers and students and alumni of the college

108 years is a long time to accumulate a really rich past. With all the activity going on now, it's a really rich present too. And surely, we can hope for an even richer future

An executive Council of the QMC-SOSA (comprising 15 life members) has been functioning from 2015-2016 onwards. The members play a key role in channelizing the resources of the Association.

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