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The Department is also a full-time Research Department. Therefore an intellectual climate and academic vigour are integral to the life of the department and students acquire disciplinary knowledge in this environment. The Department of English has a Research Club, “In Tandem” The club organizes informal sharing of research interests. Two special speakers who lectured at the In Tandem meets were Dr. Aparna Srinivas, Director, Emerald Dove Learning on the Booker Prize Novels and Dr. Padma McKertich on Modern Indian Fiction. Both lectures were held in 2017.

The following clubs have been started for students of the department to develop their talents. It is mandatory for a student to be member of any one of these clubs:

  • Book Club 
  • Ecolit Club 
  • Film and Media Club 
  • Western Music 
  • Visual Arts (Painting & Poster Making) & Creative Writing 
  • Theatre


Australian writer Dr. Inez Baranay conducted a workshop on Discovering the Writer in You on 20 September 2017 for the staff and students of the department. 

The Department of English organised a guest lecture and interaction with the author programme at Queen Mary’s College in collaboration with the Australian Consulate, Chennai as part of the Australian Fest, on 30th January, 2019 at the Assembly Hall. The visit of the Aboriginal writer Dr.Anita Heiss from Australia had sparked a great excitement among the student community and the audience for the programme were from colleges like MCC, Anna Adarsh, Madras University, Quaid - e – Millath , Hindustan among others. Dr.Anita Heiss’ life experiences and her positive approach to life gave a very strong message to the audience about surmounting adverse situations and facing challenges with a smile. The interaction with the author was lively and the students came up with interesting queries. 

The book Multiculturalism and the Social Fabric in Australia, America and India, containing papers authored by the department faculty as well as authors of from other parts of India, Australia and America was released by Ms. Susan Grace, Australian Consul General in Chennai on 7 December 2018 at Queen Mary’s College. The book has been edited by Dr. Maria Preethi Srinivasan.


The Department of English has always been a front runner in promoting and adopting a slew of welfare measures and innovative approaches to bring a paradigm shift in conventional teaching practices. 

QMC Webinar Series, Literature in Times Like These: Navigating COVID 19 with Reflections from Literature held from 3 to 6 July 2020 

  • Lecture 1 – Existentialism 
  • Date:03/07/2020 
  • Link:
  • Lecture -2 – Canker, Plague and Phage (04/07/2020) 
  • Date: 04/07/2020 
  • Link: 
  • Lecture -3 – Transcendence 
  • Date:05/07/2020 
  • Link: 
  • Lecture 4 – Exodus: Literature on Human migration 
  • Date: 05/07/2020 
  • Link:

Orientation Programmes in 2020-21 Making the Most of the BA English Programme (Webinar series from 27/10/2020 to 30/10/2020) 


Orientation for Postgraduate Studies (Webinar) 

Workshop on Research and Academic Writing (Online) 

  • Date : 11.03.2021 
  • Link: 

Bridge Course conducted in March 2020- 2021 

The students were oriented on how to use the book “The World in your Stride” for enriching their vocabulary and on the steps to be followed to acquire good communication skills, which would eventually bridge the gap between secondary education and tertiary education.


Research Clubs play a vital role in shaping the research acumen of postgraduate students and research scholars. With this principle in view, the Department of English ventured to streamline activities of their Research Club . The Department chose the 14th of July 2021 as the date for the Inaugural session of the club as it is the founding day of the college. The club meets on a fortnightly basis. The themes for the meets are planned in advance. Each session has 2 to 4 paper presenters and a Chairperson. Apart from faculty of the Department, Dr. Samuel Rufus, Associate Professor of English, Madras Christian College and Dr. R. Sreelatha, Associate Professor & Head (Retired), Department of English, Chellammal Women's College are a great boon to the students as the feedback received helps the student-presenters to fine tune their research papers which they present at the meet.