Research - Music


The Music Department has all Research facilities. It has its own Library with collection of many rare books and Journal. (Music Academy Journal past year copies). Apart from Department library, General library also has books. The Researchers are also encouraged to write papers for Seminars, to take part in the seminars, workshops, concerts, give programmes in their specialised area. The conferences, webinars held in many Institutions, Sabhas and various organisations, are informed to students and they are benefited by these programmes. They are also presenting papers, attending seminars, presenting music and instrumental programmes in various occasions. The dept alumni-s are expert in various fields like carnatic music, instrument music, light music, cinema, medias, running shows etc. and the researchers also have the opportunity to meet and discuss, interview with these illustrious Alumnis. The programmes, seminars, workshops - conducted during various occasions in the dept also help them to improve their vocabulary not only in their specified topic but also in general. Research methodology seminar conducted was very much useful to the candidates and also to interact with the experts and co-researchers. The Department has computer for student’s access. The instruments, electronic sruti , tambura books and equipments are all for the benefit of the students.