General Library

Facilities and Services

1. Heritage Library and Digital library

2. Well-furnished areas to read

3. Librarian's cabin

4. Air-conditioning for Digital library

5. Mezzanine floor in Heritage library

6. OPAC service

7. Twenty-five computers accessible to students in a separate area

8. Bar-coding of all library resources

9. Bar-code scanners are used in the issue and return counters

10. Internet browsing service which can be accessed by all users

11. Power backup for computers

12. All stock is maintained through the Library Automation software, Autolib

13. All data are maintained in central servers

14. Backups of data are taken every day from the central server

15. Reference section

16. Special place for research scholars to do reference comfortably

17. Digital Library- NLIST, NDL, UNOM library membership.