General Library

Rules and Regulations

  • An identity card must be produced upon request at the checkpoint.
  • Place your suitcases, handbags, and other personal items in the depository
  • No printed materials or files may be brought into the library by students.
  • As you enter the Library, sign the register that is kept there.
  • The library should be kept in complete stillness.
  • Care should be taken when handling books.
  • Books cannot in any way be marked or harmed.
  • If you can't put the books and journals back where they go, just leave them on the table. Don't put them in the wrong spot. Please refrain from hiding or modifying books
  • Food and beverages other than water are not permitted in the library.
  • Before submitting an application for the Transfer Certificate, the student must return all books and pay any outstanding dues.
Discipline and Decorum in the Library
  • In the library reading rooms, patrons and members are expected to maintain complete silence. Loud talking, gossiping, chit-chatting, etc. are strictly forbidden
  • It's against the law to run, push, pass, or make any other kind of jesting gestures.
  • Cell phone use is not permitted within the library. In the library, cell phones should be kept on mute
  • It is not permitted to annotate or otherwise alter any library materials, including books, newspapers, magazines, and so on.
  • It is considered gross indiscipline to take a book, published item, or any other library property outside the library without the required authority or issuance.
  • Misusing, destroying, or defacing library property is considered to be a serious breach of discipline.